Inside the Game - Prepping for Basketball Season

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Basketball season is right around the corner, but if you enter any gym on a college campus, you'll see hoops teams already hard at work.
VSU men's head basketball coach Mike Helfer says, "Even with returners, you have to sharpen up some of the things that they learned from last year and maybe forgot over the summertime."
FAMU junior forward Larry Jackson says, "Everyone is in working hard just for one common goal and that's to win a MEAC championship. I've never ben part of a team where everyone gets along so well, just one common goal like we have right now."
Some teams had the advantage of getting an even earlier start, and I'm not talking about doing sprints before dawn. FSU men and women got the chance to compete overseas in August.
FSU sophomore guard Luke Loucks says, "We got some work done in Spain. Those 10 practices before were vital. We thought we really grew as a team and cheistry-wise both on and off the court."
FSU women's head basketball coach Sue Semrau adds, "The opportunity to come together in August and practice 10 days and then go play in South Africa has been huge for us. They're asking questions now that they were asking at the end of the year, last year. I really think it puts us ahead."
She'll get to see just how far ahead when the Lady Noles welcome the Lady Blazers to the Tucker Center on Sunday.
VSU women's head basketball coach Kiley Hill says, "It's an opportunity to see where we're at. Gauge a little bit and get to play a lot of people in the game. Of course, we're going to try to win the game just like they are, but it's more of a teaching tool for both of us. Coach Sue (Semrau) and I have visited about this. It;'s an opportunity to see where our teams are at."
And it's these early workouts that help kickstart a successful season.

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