Colquitt County Packers Learning How to Win

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There's a saying that good things happen to those who wait. Well, it's a saying that Colquitt County's football seniors are experiencing as they find themselves at 7-1 and on the brink of making the playoffs.
Packers head football coach Rush Propst says, "It's still process of learning how to win, and these kids did not know how to win, and this group of seniors had never won in any group, so they're learning how to win."
The Packers have outscored their opponents 205-101. Coach Propst says his team is not filled with talent, but they're making it up with odl-fashioned hard work.
"I tell them all the time, the fun is in the winning. The rest of it sometimes requires a lot of sacrifice, a lot of effort, a lot of mental toughness to be a successful football player and a successful football team."
Last year, Colquitt County jumped out to a 3-0 start before fading the rest of the way to finish 4-6, but now the Packers have learned how to win.
"The excitement is here and the work ethic and the things you're supposed to have. All the ingredients are here to have a winning program here."
So, the Packers hope these ingredients lead to a AAAAA championship recipe.

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