Coaches Corner - Carlos Deason

Carlos Deason won 138 games in his coaching career at both Liberty County and Quincy High School. He won 9 Conference Championships, and was named All Big Bend Coach Of The Year twice... But his true coaching impact can't be measured in wins and losses, awards or recognitions. Coach Deason touched the lives of the boys he coached, and now 50 years later, they still haven't forgotten...

Doug Jensen, former Quincy running back said, "He had a big influence on my life. I told him a little while ago when I came in, I said 'Coach, you had a big influence on my life. I modeled a lot of my leadership skills from you as a coach."

1959 was a special year for the Quincy Tigers football team. Not only did they win the Northwest Florida Conference Crown, they also got Coach Deason his 100th career victory, a 39-6 win over Graceville. His method for success was simple, yet effective..

Former co-captain Wilson Hinson said, "What's the shortest distance between two points, then he'd go 'a straight line.' That's the way we did football. All his plays were built on going straight down the field.."

"The thing that I appreciate about Coach was not so much the things that he said, but the person that he was. He demanded perfection and hard work."

And now, all these years later, Coach Deason is able to see how that hard work paid off.

Coach Deason said, "Just being able to see them again, and to hug their neck and shake their hands and meet their wives. It makes you begin to feel like life was important for them and athletics was something that helped them through a very difficult time in their lives."

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