Inside the Game - Jefferson County Football

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Fireworks have been shooting off in Jefferson County this football season. The Tigers explosive offense has helped lead a resurgence to a program that owns five state titles in it's history. Jefferson County became district champions (2-1B) earlier this year after beating FAMU 62-42. A far cry from the 1-9 record a season ago.
Tigers linebacker Breyon Crumitie says, "It's changed a lot. All my years here, we've had great players. We always has a great team, but we didn't have dedication."
Tigers head football coach Willie Spears says "Our last game was a packed house. They;re looking for more football. We don't want it be over, so having it at home means a lot to us because this is the first time these guys have been in the playoffs. It take a lot away that we don;t have to travel, so playing at Death Valley is a positive."
Also, what's been positive, the points column of any Tigers game. Last season, they tallied a total of 73 points, but in one of their wins this year, they put up 71 against Rocky Bayou.
Spears says, "It's very simple, you find out who the athletes are on your team and you get them the ball. You don't over think it trying to be coach of the year. You just get the ball in the hands of the guys that can run real fast."
They hope to put that speed to good use against Lafayette-Mayo on Friday night.
Spears adds, "Whenever you win and you taste that victory, you want to taste it again."
The Tigers hope to taste sweet victory in Orlando next month.

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