Every Team: Florida Classic

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The Florida Classic is more than a football game between Florida A&M and Bethune Cookman, it's an experience that draws sixty thousand people together every November.
FAMU President Dr. James Ammons says,
"When you look at the economic impact, thirty million dollars to this economy here in Orlando. This i sjust a terrific deal for the Orlando region."
One aspect of the weekend that is looked forward to almost as much as the game is the halftime battle of the bands between the Marching 100 and the Marching Wildcats. At a time when people head down to the concesion stands, the lines are empty and the stands are packed.
Dr. James Ammons adds,
"It adds so much to this Classic because there are so many people, although they love football, they can't wait for halftime. You always know th eattendence during halftime."
It's this atmosphere that even the players enjoy to play in.
FAMU Sophomore Wide Receiver Kevin Elliot adds,
"Oh there's nothing better. If you don't like playing in front of sixty thousand and your family and friends you're in the wrong sport."
Thirty years of the Classic in the books, and both schools look forward to the thirty first meeting in 2010.

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