Muntean Wins Disc Golf Major

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Tallahassee, FL - David Muntean, Jr.'s passion for disc golf started purely as recreational. Now in his eighth year, playing in the amateur grandmaster division, Muntean Jr. is a champion.

"It really pumps up the community here, the disc golfing community," said Jeff Patton, the President of the Tallahassee Disc Golf Association.

"Winning that first tournament on a national scale was pretty special," Muntean, Jr. said.

But who he did it with was even more special. At the United States Masters Championship, Muntean Jr.'s caddy was his oldest son, David Muntean III, the 49th-ranked player in the world.

"We worked together for the win," Muntean, Jr. said. "I had to make the shots, but he kept my head on straight. And that was probably the most special part about that."

A week after Muntean, Jr. became the first Tallahassee resident to win a disc golf major, his son left for the Air Force.

"The hug that we gave each other at the end of the tournament told it all and he was happy for me," Muntean said. "We were serious all the way down to the 70th hole out of the 72 holes we played."

Muntean, Jr. will hitting his next hole at the Tallahassee Open without his best friend.

"I'll be playing with him in my mind and what would he be telling me if I was in the position right now," he said. "I'll be playing that tournament for him."

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