Around the World with CBS News: February 21, 2020

Fri Feb 21 05:50:25 PST 2020

Around the World with CBS News: February 21, 2020

CBS News' Laura Podesta is live from New York this morning with a look at your top national and international headlines.

Mike's Thursday Evening Forecast: April 2, 2020

Chief Meteorologist Mike McCall takes a look at your forecast for the evening of Thursday, April 2.

What's Brewing? April 2, 2020

We're taking a closer look at your local headlines.

Dr. Alexander answers coronavirus questions

Dr. Christie Alexander from Florida State's College of Medicine answers your coronavirus questions.

Pandemic bringing success to local alcohol suppliers, struggles for breweries

While many businesses are struggling as the coronavirus pandemic continues, one industry is having no issues at all.

Tallahassee girl, family welcomes father home from deployment

A heartwarming reunion at Tallahassee International Airport nearly a year in the making; one local girl is happy her own hero is back home.

Valdosta family adapting to new normal during COVID-19 pandemic

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has ordered all school campuses in Georgia to close for the remainder of the year, saying the academic year will continue with online learning.


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