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2019 Chamber closer

2019 Chamber closer

Mike's Monday Evening Forecast: February 17, 2020

Chief Meteorologist Mike McCall takes a look at your forecast for the evening of Monday, February 17.

What's Brewing? February 17, 2020

We're taking at closer look at your local headlines.

Around the World with CBS News: February 17, 2020

CBS News' Debra Alfarone is live from Washington DC this morning with a look at your top national and international headlines.

LGBTQ groups fear unintended consequences from the Parents’ Bill of Rights

The Parents’ Bill of Rights, passed by a Senate Committee Monday, lists a wide range of rights parents have over their children.

Family continuing to seek justice, closure after son dies on North Monroe hit and run

February is Hit and Run Awareness Month. Just a few weeks ago, a local family's life was forever changed because of one.

Providence Neighborhood launches revitalization efforts

Another Tallahassee community wants to do the same thing to make sure they're not left behind as the Providence Neighborhood launched a new effort aimed at improving their home.


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