Wed Oct 16 09:13:24 PDT 2019

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Rob's Friday Morning Forecast: November 15, 2019

Meteorologist Rob Nucatola takes a look at your forecast for the morning of Friday, November 15th.

What's Brewing? November 15, 2019

We're taking a look at your local and national headlines.

Around the World with CBS News: November 15, 2019

CBS News' Marc Liverman is live from New York this morning with a closer look at your national and international headlines.

Experts say officer-involved shootings should not disqualify candidates

Experts tell WCTV that an officer-involved shooting should nto disqualify a candidate from being a police chief; they said it is an unfortunate, but sometimes necessary part of the job.

Henry Segura quadruple murder trial day 6

The defense called the mother of Segura's daughter and a crime scene reconstruction expert to the stand Friday morning.

VSU Bioblitz discovers new species to Lowndes County

The results are in from the Valdosta State University Bioblitz with some fascinating finds.


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