7-year-old Texas boy raises $22,000 to help fund section of border wall

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June 3, 2019

AUSTIN, TX. (10TV WBNS) -- A GoFundMe campaign started in December by the non-profit group We Build the Wall, Inc. has accumulated more than $22.9 million toward the construction of a section of the border wall. One of its biggest donors is Benton Stevens, a 7-year-old from Austin, Texas.

"I saw that (President Donald Trump) really wanted to build the wall,” Stevens told KOAT.

He raised $22,000 by selling hot chocolate, but his goal is $50,000. He says he now will be doing lemonade since it's nearly summer.

But, the funding and construction of this section of the border wall have met some negativity. We Build the Wall, Inc. was served with a cease and desist order from the local government.

Now, the group insists they have all the necessary permits and approvals, and the wall is under full compliance with local laws.

The group says they are not done; they have plans to build more sections of wall on other private properties along the border in New Mexico.