Football fans react to recent protest during the anthem

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By: Alex Crescenti | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 10, 2018

CAIRO, Ga (WCTV) -- While high school football has returned to the State of Georgia, the protest during the national anthem has taken much of the headlines in football this week and many people's strong opinions can be felt even in Cairo.

"If that's what he chooses to do I stand behind him, but you got to know the reason he's taking the knee," said Warren Mannings a veteran who see know issue with athletes protesting social injustice during the anthem.

However others see it differently.

"I think that it's very disrespectful to all the people that has fought for this country," said Marcus Beasley.

Two years into the debate surrounding the protests and it is still a polarizing topic. Those against kneeling say players don'[t need to be on the field if they do protest.

"Is not regarding the flag, it's regarding different reason all together, they just following suit to use the flag as their scape goat," said Beasley.

However some veterans like Mannings fell it is the message and not the protest itself that needs to be looked at.

"They're taking a knee for a reason you know social injustice and you can't judge those players on what they they're feeling," he said.

One person not shying away from this, the president. Both sides question however if he is helping or hurting this situation.

"He's choosing sides, you don't choose sides," said Mannings.

"I think it's about a 50/50 on that whether or not he's helping or not," said Beasley.

We spoke to the Cairo athletic director who said there is no policy on protesting during the national anthem in the State of Georgia.