Forecast calls for rain as record floods devastate central US

WEST ALTON, Mo. (CNN) – Historic flooding is devastating parts of the central United States, and apparently Mother Nature isn’t letting up anytime soon.

Record flooding is devastating parts of the central U.S. and more rain is expected. (Source: KHQA/KTRK/CNN)

Missouri residents are cleaning up and expecting to hunker down, fearing the worst may be yet to come.

"We're just trying to protect our house as best as we can right now, with the equipment and hauling in dirt and smoothing it out and raising it up," said Julie Kurtz, a Missouri farmer.

The devastating floodwaters now covering the country’s heartland leave farmers like Kurtz little choice.

"We have five children, my husband and I, and, like I say, we've lived here 20 years at least, and it's home,” she said. “And we don't really have any other means of keeping the children a roof over their head, so that's why we're working so hard here to protect it."

It’s a race against time.

In nearby St. Louis, parts of the Mississippi River are due to crest to near-record levels on Friday, and additional storms are on the way.

Heavy rain has left more than 7 million people under flood warnings across the central U.S., and more along the Gulf.

Right now, these communities are focused on the immediate threat. But it’s the economic impact of these floods that could be worst of all.

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