Former Georgia cocaine dealer telling youth to avoid drugs

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By: Associated Press
October 6, 2018

MACON, Ga (AP) -- A Georgia man sent to prison for dealing cocaine in 1991 says he now works at a chicken plant and spends his time off telling teenagers: "You're never going to win selling drugs."

Jerry Anderson of Macon told WMAZ-TV that his drug business was so lucrative in the late 1980s that he had 40 employees and made nearly $1.25 million each week.

That all got taken away when Anderson was sentenced to life in prison.

He spent nearly three decades locked up before President Barack Obama commuted his sentence during his final days in office in 2016.

Anderson insists he's gone straight since his release. His poultry plant job pays the bills and he volunteers with the Motivating Youth Foundation to share his experiences with teens.