GOP devotes $250M to midterm strategy: Keep House majority

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By: Associated Press
April 15, 2018

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Republican National Committee has committed $250 million to a midterm election strategy that has one goal above all else: Preserve the party's House majority for the rest of President Donald Trump's first term.

Facing surging Democratic enthusiasm, the White House's political arm is devoting unprecedented resources to building an army of paid staff and trained volunteers across more than two dozen states. The RNC is taking the fight to Senate Democrats in Republican-leaning states, but much of the national GOP's resources are focused on defending Republican-held House seats in states including Florida, California and New York.

The RNC political director says 300 state-based staff members are already on the payroll. The committee expects to have 900 before November's election. And the number of trained volunteers has already surpassed 10,000.