Rent money stolen from drop boxes in Thomasville

By: Alicia Turner | WCTV Eyewitness News
January 10, 2018

THOMASVILLE, Ga.(WCTV) -- Four apartment complexes in Thomasville are now at the center of an investigation after their drop boxes were burglarized.

The Thomasville Police Department say the suspects stole more than $9,000 in rent money at Hampton Lake, Abbey Lake, Villa North, and Walnut Square. There were more than a dozen victims.

As Estelle Rauot walks up the stairs to her unit, she says there are some things she just doesn’t expect to happen in her complex.

“It's surprising that it happens in Thomasville," she said.

Estelle explains that it was shocking to learn Abbey Lake Apartments was a part of a string of burglaries in the area.

"We saw the police coming in and the detectives, but we never knew what really happened," Estelle said.

According to investigators, thieves broke into the drop boxes at the four apartment complexes earlier this month. The money was deposited in the form of checks, money orders and even cash.

Estelle said she's worried now because the same box that was broken into is the one she uses to pay her rent.

Captain Holmes of the Thomasville Police Department explained that many of the victims weren't aware of the stolen money until they received a notice for unpaid rent.

"We have several victims here and people work hard for their money. Anytime you work hard to pay your rent on time then you turn around and get a late notice because someone has went and stolen your rent check, it's frustrating," Holmes said.

WCTV reached out to the managers of the complexes, asking how they will handle the victims' "unpaid" rent. All of the offices were closed for the day. TPD said the complexes are working with the residents to find a solution.