Ornament Cake Balls


• 4 Cups of crushed cake or cupcake of your choice
• 2 cups of icing
• Chocolate or Candy Melt Wafers
• Sprinkles or coconut for decorations
• Fondant
• Edible Paint (gold or silver)


1. Crush cake and icing together until completely combined – texture should be soft but not runny.
2. With your hands, scoop out desired amount of cake icing mix to form a ball. To form the ball pat the mixture down between both hands and then begin to roll – this ensures the cake mixture is smooth without lumps. Continue to do this until you have a firm/ solid ball that is without cracks or lumps …The smoother the ball is the better it looks and the easier it is to dip It is also not advised to roll it out too large (bigger than the size of a ping pong ball) as sometimes its harder to dip and may fall apart
3. Once you have rolled all the mix, place the rolled balls into the freezer for approximately 10 – 15 minutes (you may also freeze for longer but be sure to allow the balls to thaw for 10 minutes after being frozen solid – dipping a frozen ball may result in your chocolate cracking after it had hardened)
4. Using the instructions on the packet, melt your wafers or chocolate being careful to fully stir so that there are no lumps in the chocolate mix.
5. Use a fork or popsicle stick to carefully insert in the top of your ball (this serves as the handle) - Dip your ball and set aside on wax paper.
6. Once the ball has been dipped and your chocolate is still wet add your desired sprinkle or topping
7. For ornament topper roll a small piece of fondant into a “log” and slice according to size.
8. Use a dab of melted chocolate to adhere the topper

Makes 10 – 15 depending upon size