Sautéed Vegetable Risotto


• 1 cup dry Arborio rice
• 6-8 cups vegetable stock or chicken stock
• ½ onion small dice
• ½ cup white cooking wine
• 4oz olive oil
• 1oz chopped garlic
• Salt and pepper to taste
• ½ cup red bell pepper
• ½ cup baby portabella mushrooms
• ½ cup chopped Roma tomato
• ½ cup sliced onion
• ½ cup zucchini


• Bring a medium sauce pan to medium heat. Add 2oz of oil to pan. Add diced onions to pan. Sweat onions until they are translucent. Don’t overcook onions. Add 1 cup of Arborio rice. Allow rice to sauté for one min. Add white wine and slowly stir rice until liquid is fully absorbed. Slowly add vegetable stock, two cups at a time to the rice.
• As the rice is cooking, heat a separate pan to a medium heat. To this second pan Add 2oz of oil and chopped garlic. Cook for 15 secs. Add all vegetables to the second pan and sauté to you desired tenderness. Turn off veggies and sit to the side.
• To finish cooking the rice, continue to add liquid and stir. As the rice comes to a done state, add the sautéed vegetables and stir until the rice is tender with a creamy consistency.
Note: One cup of dry rice will yield 3 cups of cooked rice.