High School No Huddle: Valwood School

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By: Ryan Kelly | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
August 8, 2018

HAHIRA, Ga. (WCTV) – The Valwood School Valiants are keeping things in the family.

When Ashley Henderson took a new job on Highway 84, it sent shock waves all the way up to I-75. Valwood School would now have to find a replacement for their title-winning head coach.

Luckily for the Valiants, they could keep it in the family; literally. Defense Coordinator, and Ashley’s brother, Justin Henderson took over. A role he admits he’s still getting used to.

"It's just the whole thing of running a program. Everything from getting these kids food, fundraising, helping some of them know where to go on the first day of school,” says Coach Henderson.

Henderson has plenty of returning talent, and three assistant coaches that stayed with Valwood. Maybe four if you count starting quarterback Caleb Burns.

"The term ‘coach on the field’ gets overused. I think we have it this year with Caleb Burns,” says Henderson. “It's rare. I've got some returning experience on the defensive side but I wouldn't call any of them a ‘coach on the field.’ That guy is, he's helping everybody."

The Valiants may have ended the year with a trophy, but Henderson knows with the team he has returning, the ceiling can go higher.

"I think the goal obviously is to get better every year. It's hard to beat what we did last year, but we left some wins out there that we didn't get that I feel like we should have won," says Henderson.