Son of former Atlanta Braves player on life support

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By: Associated Press
June 26, 2017

ATLANTA (AP) -- The son of a former Atlanta Braves infielder has been placed on life support after recently being hit in the face by a baseball.

WXIA-TV reports that Keith Lockhart's son, 15-year-old Jason, was hit in the face June 17 during a baseball tournament in South Carolina.

The teenager was struck in the face as he was running to home plate, when the catcher threw the ball back to the pitcher. The ball hit Jason as he was stepping onto home plate, breaking his nose.

Jason needed stitches and was recovering, until his nose began to bleed while at the doctor's office on Monday. He was scheduled to have the tubes and packing in his nose removed.

Doctors say the bleeding wouldn't stop. A CT scan showed the fracture was worse than first expected, and Jason had a tear inside his nose.