Tallahassee's Own Ninja Warrior

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Each year, athletes from around the country compete against one another in a series of difficult obstacle courses on the network show "American Ninja Warrior." This season, one Tallahassee native is hoping he can climb his way to the top.

On the show "American Ninja Warrior," competitors put their minds and their bodies through a variety of difficult obstacles courses in hopes of winning one million dollars and earning the title of American Ninja Warrior.

Tallahassee native Danny Adair recently competed at the regional qualifying round in Atlanta and finished 15th which is good enough to push him into the regional finals, just 1 step away from nationals in Las Vegas.

"I was really jittery right before, i got on the standing platform and then as soon as i stepped on the platform, i didn't know the audience was there, I don't the cameras were there, it was just me against the course," said Adair.

Danny says anytime he gets ready to step on the course, his hometown is on his mind.

"Every moment of every single day, it doesn't matter if im training, my family my friends my fans basically are what I'm thinking about."

Danny will compete in the regional finals in Atlanta on national television later this summer.