Tracking local athletes selected in the 2017 MLB Draft

WCTV Eyewitness Sports
June 13, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The 2017 Major League Baseball draft concludes on Wednesday with the completion of the 40th round, and many local athletes have heard their names called.

The first local name selected was DL Hall, the left-handed pitcher from Valdosta High, who was taken with the 21st overall pick on Monday by the Baltimore Orioles.

A pair of FSU mainstays were selected in the third round, with Taylor Walls getting drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays and Dylan Busby being selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jacksonville University's Michael Baumann, a right-handed pitcher, was selected by the Orioles in the third round.

Cash Case, a product of The First Academy in Orlando, was selected in the fourth round by the Cincinnati Reds, and Chiles High School's Harrison Francis followed several picks later.

Suwanee High School catcher Sam McMillan was selected by the Detroit Tigers in the fifth round, and UCF right-handed pitcher Jason Bahr was taken with the very next pick by the San Francisco Giants.

Florida shortstop Dalton Guthrie heard his name get called in the sixth round by the Philadelphia Phillies. Gators catcher Michael Rivera was also selected in the sixth round, by the defending AL Champions Cleveland Indians.

A second Gator catcher, Mark Kolozsvary, was taken by Cincinnati in the seventh round.

Chipola College has seen five athletes get selected; outfielder Reynaldo Rivera (Detroit), left-handed pitcher Evan Steel (Kansas City Royals), third baseman Andrew Bechtold (Minnesota Twins), shortstop Jose Caballero (Diamondbacks) and right-handed pitcher Bowden Francis (Milwaukee Brewers).

UCF saw it's second player of this year's draft get taken in the 10th round, when Cincinnati selected righty Robby Howell with the 287th overall selection.

On day three, both a Seminole and a Gator were selected, as FSU first baseman Quincy Nieporte was taken by the Phillies in the 26th round, and UF pitcher David Lee was taken in the 27th by Pittsburgh.

FAMU had it's first athlete of the draft be selected in the 26th round, when outfielder Aubrey McCarty was selected by the Colorado Rockies.

A pair of FSU arms - Cobi Johnson (29th round) and Tyler Holton (35th round) - were selected in the late stages of the afternoon.

Albany high school catcher, Steven Williams of Deerfield-Windsor, was taken in the 35th round by the New York Yankees.

The draft concluded in the 40th round, when Seminoles southpaw Austin Pollack was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals.

A full list of players drafted can be seen below.

DL Hall, Valdosta High (LHP): Baltimore Orioles - 1st Round

Reynaldo Rivera, Chipola College (OF): Detroit Tigers - 2nd Round

Evan Steele, Chipola College (LHP): Kansas City Royals - Competitive Balance B

Taylor Walls, FSU (SS): Tampa Bay Rays - 3rd Round

Dylan Busby, FSU (3B): Pittsburgh Pirates - 3rd Round

Michael Baumann, Jacksonville University (RHP): Baltimore Orioles - 3rd Round

Cash Case, The First Academy (SS): Cincinnati Reds - 4th Round

Harrison Francis, Chiles High School (RHP): Arizona Diamondbacks - 4th Round

Andrew Bechtold, Chipola College (3B): Minnesota Twins - 5th Round

Sam McMillan, Suwanee High School (C): Detroit Tigers - 5th Round

Jason Bahr, UCF (RHP): San Francisco Giants - 5th Round

Dalton Guthrie, Florida (SS): 6th Round - Philadelphia Phillies

Michael Rivera, Florida (C): 6th Round - Cleveland Indians

Mark Kolozsvary, Florida (C): 7th Round - Cincinnati Reds

Jose Caballero, Chipola College (SS): 7th Round - Arizona Diamondbacks

Bowden Francis, Chipola College (RHP): 7th Round - Milwaukee Brewers

Robby Howell, UCF (RHP): 10th Round - Cincinnati Reds

Tramayne Holmes, Faulkner University (INF): 11th Round - Arizona Diamondbacks

Quincy Nieporte, FSU (1B): 26th Round - Philadelphia Phillies

Aubrey McCarty FAMU (RF:) 26th Round - Colorado Rockies

David Lee, Florida (RHP): 27th Round - Pittsburgh Pirates

Cobi Johnson, FSU (RHP): 29th Round - Los Angeles Angels

Tyler Holton, FSU (LHP): 35th Round - Detroit Tigers

Steven Williams, Deerfield-Windsor (Albany, Ga): 35th Round - New York Yankees

Austin Pollock, FSU (LHP): 40th Round - St. Louis Cardinals