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Trump supporters stand by the president amid inflammatory tweets: "That's why I voted for him"

The Latest: Chicago aldermen patrol on bikes for ICE agents

Trump to sign executive order on collection of citizenship information

Democrat Eric Swalwell drops out of presidential race

Elizabeth Warren proposes executive orders to address race and gender pay gap

Joe Biden says he "wasn't prepared" for attacks from Kamala Harris at debate

Trump insists he's not dropping citizenship question effort

Post-debate polls show Harris and Warren rising as Biden and Sanders stall

Trump and Republican National Committee raise $105 million

Political cartoonist says he was laid off over his illustration of Trump golfing near dead migrants

Pete Buttigieg raises over $24 million in second quarter of fundraising

ACLU to file lawsuit after the governor signs bill regarding felon voting rights

Jimmy Carter calls Trump an "illegitimate president" due to Russian interference

Biden lands 2020 endorsement from Atlanta Mayor Bottoms

Debate Night 2: Biden and Sanders take center stage

Democratic candidates spar in first night of primary debates

Congressman Neal Dunn talks about upcoming first 2020 presidential debate

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