Jaw Dropping Sinkhole Opens In Farmer's Field

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Suwannee County, FL- July 10, 2012

The flood water is mostly gone in Suwannee County but it's left many streets and residences peppered with sinkholes.

Chuck Matukaitis and his next door neighbor Mikell Cook counted 33 sinkholes between their two properties; that is before they stopped counting.

But the big show stopper is the impossibly large sinkhole that has swallowed up much of his pasture.

"It's getting a lot of attention I can tell you that. People are here everyday taking pictures. People wanting to go inside there, wanting arrow heads and stuff."

But you wouldn't want to go down there; you might not make it back out.

Matukaitis lives in McAlpin; just south of Live Oak. He and his neighbors have dubbed the mammoth sinkhole "The McAlpin Grand Canyon".

FEMA measured it on Sunday to be 61 feet down at its deepest point. But Matukaitis says it keeps expanding and sinking everyday, so no one really knows how deep it is now.

He had to move in with one neighbor because a sinkhole threatens his house. And another neighbor is watching after his cattle.

"Cows are very curious so if I put them on this pasture they're going to get down in there and I won't be able to get them out," said Matukaitis.

And they say the sinkhole next to it is about to get much bigger. It is filled with water and the water is bubbling. That is a sure fire indication. When the bubbles blow the water will explode into the air much like the geyser "Old Faithful".

Matukaitis described when the so called "McAlpin Grand Canyon" did the same thing.

"This one was just an amazing row of water in the air. It was incredible," Matukaitis said.

Matukaitis says the ground is collapsing into a river running through an underground canyon below the property.