Ponder Perfect for Statbooks, Not for National Attention?

Let's start off in college football where FSU's redshirt junior quarterback Christian Ponder has to be a bit puzzled... We knew he'd be ahead of the learning curve this season, but this year his stats have been at the head of the class.

In fact, his numbers dwarf those of Heisman candidates like Gators leader Tim Tebow and Texas gunslinger Colt McCoy...

In fact, the only major QB category that frontrunner Colt McCoy leads Ponder in at this point in the season, is total touchdowns-- 15 tds by McCoy, just 14 by Mister Ponder.

Compared to Gators Tim Tebow, the stats get even more silly... 330 yards of total offense per game from Ponder compared to just 232 from Timmy T... More than 23-hundred yards of total "O" from Ponder-- a little more than 16-hundred from the Gators Heisman hopeful. Perhaps the biggest individual stat is the 1 interception Ponder has thrown all season. Still these great numbers have translated into 4 losses for FSU while Tebow remains undefeated... We asked Ponder how he felt about being snubbed from the Heisman and O'Brien conversations and he threw out the diplomatic response.

"Our team motto is it's not about me, it's about us, it's about this team. We're not winning ball games and I have to find ways to do that and I'm trying. There's still more I can do. Individual accolades don't really mean anything if you're not winning ball games." said Ponder.