Seminole Spotlight: N.C. State

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Week 9 for the Seminoles will be a test. The challenge does not lye with their opponent N.C. State, but a team challenge. Can they take the win against North Carolina and move forward with it and show consistency?
FSU Sophomore Tight End Beau Reliford says,
"We just have to go out and play. That's all it is is going out and play. It's a pretty good defense, the defensive ends play really well. Just have to go out there, work hard, and make things happen."
FSU Senior Wide Receiver Rod Owens adds,
"That game, it was a really good win but it's in the past now. I don't remember it anymore. I try not to remember it, I try not to think about it although there was a lot of good stuff happening in it. I try not to think about i because we have another opponent coming in."
Saturday's game will be a showcase of two of the leagues top quarterbacks in Christian Ponder and Russell Wilson.
FSU Head Football Coach Bobby Bowden comments,
"The big problem this week, if you've watched them, is their quarterback. they guy can run. He was first team all ACC last year as a freshman."
FSU Defensive Coordinator adds,
"One of the most elusive people that we've faced. He reminds you of the quarterback at Virginia Tech."
It's homecoming for the Seminoles against the Wolfpack, who Florida State owns a (20-9) all time record against.